Building & Selling a Chrome Extension in 3 Weeks with ChatGPT as my CTO

3 weeks ago, I brought ChatGPT on board as my CTO. We crafted a Chrome extension and received $1k worth of pre-orders within 24h.

Today, I sold it on Acquire. Fastest launch to exit ever! What have I learned? Why did I sell? What’s up next?

My next project is I created this tool for myself to improve my thinking skills. Join me as I build a community around it.

I also use Twitter to document my experiences

What did I learn?

• ChatGPT developed a working project in just 10 hours. I played the role of prompt engineer. Was it easy? Somewhat. Can a non-tech person do it? Yes, if they understand the code. Can a human developer do it faster and better? Undoubtedly.

• The entire story of launching the extension can be found here:

• FOMO is real, and it spreads like wildfire. The day after the launch, I saw many makers trying to capitalize on the same idea without success. The entry barrier was low, but grabbing attention was crucial. I had a story to share, and it made all the difference.

• New week — a new trend. AI agents have been making quite a splash this week, at least within my Twitter circle.

• A marketing strategy is essential, and winging it won’t cut it. Most of those who launched after me relied on Twitter for user acquisition. I knew from the get-go that I needed a more comprehensive approach.

• I managed to get a feature in Bent Tossel’s AI newsletter, reached out to TikTok influencers, shared my story with the media, and reposted it on HN, Reddit, Facebook, and more. I even cooked up a programmatic SEO project for the extension.

• The ideal indie team should consist of a tech expert and a marketer. ChatGPT served as my CTO, but I had to write prompts, which kept me from going all-in on marketing.

Why sell?

• I’m exploring AI and want to create various things. /ai went viral and gained traction, so I had to make a choice: grow, sell, or shut it down. I chose to sell and move forward.

• Since AI might have a significant impact on the world (in a good or bad way), I’ll need a small house in a quaint village to escape to, just in case. I plan to use the money from the sale to purchase one.

What’s next?

• While actively working on the extension, I came up with numerous ideas and even developed a few prototypes. Some of these might just be the seeds for my next big adventure.

Measuring the popularity of blockchains among freelance platform clients

The tool

I created a tool that analyzes client requests on popular freelance platforms based on mentioned technologies and companies. This way, I can calculate the popularity of various blockchains for regular clients.

I used the «Top Ecosystems Monthly Active Developers» list. It contains the number of developers actively working on a particular blockchain. Blockchains and software companies must have at least 50 full-time developers to be included in the analysis.

The report contains four columns, representing client requests data per blockchain over a 1-, 7-, 14-, and 30-day period, respectively.


Measuring the popularity of blockchains among freelance platform clients

  1. Ethereum took the first position with a 7-day trend of 114 client requests —the number one ecosystem according to the Developer Report’s Ranking.
  2. Bitcoin was 5th in the Developer Report’s Ranking but took second place in my analysis — 85 requests.
  3. Polkadot was 2nd there and 3rd here — 55 requests. Nothing interesting actually.
  4. But then I saw Algorand in the 4th place on my list — 22 requests. It held 27th place in the Developer Report’s Ranking. WOW.
  5. Also, I would like to mention NEAR and Kusama. They both have 200+ full-time developers but 0 client requests on freelance platforms.

Play with the spreadsheet.

Військові облігації для роздрібних інвесторів

Міністерство фінансів України випустило військові ОВДП (облігації внутрішньої державної позики). Це інструмент, який дозволяє інвесторам підтримати країну та армію й отримати 11% річних.

З моменту випуску інвестори могли купити ОВДП у мінімальній кількості 102 штуки. Тобто, на суму від 102 000 грн. Сьогодні ICU знизили поріг входу до 1 облігації.

Умови по військовим облігаціям від ICU:

  • спрощена реєстрація через BankID
  • інвестиція без комісій
  • підтвердження доходів не потрібне
  • поріг входу від 1 облігації (від 1000 грн)
  • ставка первинного аукціону Мінфіну — 11%
  • виплата 1 березня 2023

Як скористатися можливістю:

ОВДП — один з найбезпечніших інвестиційних інструментів, що є на ринку, але я закликаю вас робити власне дослідження і не сприймати це повідомлення за інвестиційну пораду.