Principles I follow when working on projects

Since I started working full-time on creating and selling web businesses, I developed some basic principles to follow.

They remind me how I want to work, optimizing for both joy and output. I reread them at the beginning of each month.

Here they are:

1. Focus only on topics that matter to you.

• This may seem obvious until you realize you are pursuing money or launching a project simply because of new technology.

• It takes months of self-discovery to identify what your areas of interest are. A long-term strategy.

• I am passionate about yoga, investing, and deep thinking. I understand the significance of these elements in my life and actively practice them. Developing projects serve to enhance my comprehension of these topics.

2. Always search for non-obvious ways to do things.

• When solving a problem, creating content, looking for a distribution channel, or figuring out a business model, don’t blindly copy others.

• Instead, speak from your heart and be true to the world.

• I found mental models significantly changed my view of the world. My goal is to familiarize people with these ideas, but not through blog posts, a newsletter, or a book. That is not my style. I am creating a tool for this purpose.

3. Launch within a month or never.

• Create a simple product using no-code tools or collaborate with a technical partner.

• Developing the majority of MVPs generally takes 1-2 weeks.

• Allocate an additional 2 weeks to implement a basic marketing campaign.

• Identify 5 channels and create 10 micro-campaigns for each to have a total of 50 opportunities to attract users.

• Have multiple business models ready to experiment with upon launch.

• Maximize automation.

4. Minimize your budget.

• My preferred toolkit consists of Google Sheets + Apps Script, Trello, Gmail, Netlify, Carrd, Mixpanel.

• Not more than $100 per month for all experiments.

5. Devote 80% of your time to customers.

• That includes support, marketing, and sales.

• If you have a technical partner, 80% is a feasible expectation. If not, aim for at least 50%.

6. Monitor on autopilot.

• I find it counterproductive to constantly monitor statistics.

• Instead, I have a recurring email for every project with significant metrics. This helps me keep track of the progress even if I’m not actively working on the project.

Measuring the popularity of blockchains among freelance platform clients

The tool

I created a tool that analyzes client requests on popular freelance platforms based on mentioned technologies and companies. This way, I can calculate the popularity of various blockchains for regular clients.

I used the «Top Ecosystems Monthly Active Developers» list. It contains the number of developers actively working on a particular blockchain. Blockchains and software companies must have at least 50 full-time developers to be included in the analysis.

The report contains four columns, representing client requests data per blockchain over a 1-, 7-, 14-, and 30-day period, respectively.


Measuring the popularity of blockchains among freelance platform clients

  1. Ethereum took the first position with a 7-day trend of 114 client requests —the number one ecosystem according to the Developer Report’s Ranking.
  2. Bitcoin was 5th in the Developer Report’s Ranking but took second place in my analysis — 85 requests.
  3. Polkadot was 2nd there and 3rd here — 55 requests. Nothing interesting actually.
  4. But then I saw Algorand in the 4th place on my list — 22 requests. It held 27th place in the Developer Report’s Ranking. WOW.
  5. Also, I would like to mention NEAR and Kusama. They both have 200+ full-time developers but 0 client requests on freelance platforms.

Play with the spreadsheet.

Військові облігації для роздрібних інвесторів

Міністерство фінансів України випустило військові ОВДП (облігації внутрішньої державної позики). Це інструмент, який дозволяє інвесторам підтримати країну та армію й отримати 11% річних.

З моменту випуску інвестори могли купити ОВДП у мінімальній кількості 102 штуки. Тобто, на суму від 102 000 грн. Сьогодні ICU знизили поріг входу до 1 облігації.

Умови по військовим облігаціям від ICU:

  • спрощена реєстрація через BankID
  • інвестиція без комісій
  • підтвердження доходів не потрібне
  • поріг входу від 1 облігації (від 1000 грн)
  • ставка первинного аукціону Мінфіну — 11%
  • виплата 1 березня 2023

Як скористатися можливістю:

ОВДП — один з найбезпечніших інвестиційних інструментів, що є на ринку, але я закликаю вас робити власне дослідження і не сприймати це повідомлення за інвестиційну пораду.