Phone validation directly in Google Sheets

80% of companies say they have «risky» phone contact records. How to make sure you have a quality phone number database and conduct successful telemarketing campaigns?

You need to use a phone validator. Verifying your data, you’ll:

  • Increase customer engagement and satisfaction. Having quality, accurate phone numbers, you’ll be able to reach potential customers and provide them with relevant information at the right time. 
  • Improve employee productivity. Your operators don’t need to spend their time removing fake users or updating inaccurate users manually. They can concentrate on communication with real customers and increase their satisfaction. 
  • Comply with regulations. When you’re doing telemarketing campaigns, it’s important to make sure you follow specific rules. By validating the numbers of your database, you’ll avoid any regulatory issues. 
  • Enhance your marketing strategy. Knowing the validation status and GEO location of your contacts, you’ll be able to apply a more effective marketing approach and reach your business goals quickly.

Install the add-on

Phone Validation, a handy extension for Google Sheets, meets your needs.

Watch the video and know how our service works.


  • Validate tel numbers directly in the spreadsheet without importing/ exporting contacts;
  • Receive fresh data in real-time;
  • Get the city information of valid contacts;
  • Detect and remove invalid numbers.

How real-time phone verification works

The service works for both cell phones and landlines, international and local numbers. It analyzes user data online in such countries as:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Brasil
  • Australia

The service employs a combination of three methods: 

  • check for validity: whether a contact is in a valid format (numeric, starts with a valid mobile network or country code);
  • line test: inspecting every step during a call (a ringing tone, a busy signal, an automated answer, a mobile operator’s message, etc.)
  • database check: scanning a tel number alongside other personal data, e.g. location.

How to use the tool in Google Sheets

  1. Install the add-on from the Google Workplace Marketplace and find it in the Add-ons tab in Google Sheets.
  2. Click the Phone Validation -> Start and you’ll see the add-on’s dashboard. It’s divided into three blocks: 
  • Your status. Here you can get to know how many checks left and buy a certain amount of credits;
  • Use the service. Here the process of investigating the contacts for validity is described. You can create data headers in the spreadsheet, paste a bulk of numbers with a country code into the first column, select a country from the drop-down panel, and click the Validate data option. Wait a few minutes and get results (the status and GEO location appear in the “Validation data” column). 
  • More. You can click the Settings option and see information about your account (ID and the available amount of credits) and buy more credits. Also, there is a link to the demo video that you can watch if necessary.
  1. Clean the list from invalid telephone numbers and proceed with your marketing campaign. 

Pricing packages: 

  • 1,000 verifications for $9;
  • 5,000 verifications for $29;
  • 10,000 verifications for $49;
  • 25,000 verifications for $99;
  • 50,000 verifications for $159;
  • 100,000 verifications for $249.

Common questions

What level of security does the service provide?

To protect your data, we do not collect (or share data) from your validation lookups on our servers.

How often is the database for the add-on updated?

Once per week.It’s enough to have relevant data because they don’t often change. 

What is the main advantage of the tool? 

Using the add-on, you can reduce costs on verifying the contacts and make it easier and faster directly in Google Sheets.