A crowdfunding campaign for a 50-page guide about buying/selling side projects

Since I quit my job in GrowthUP Accelerator I built and sold 3 side projects. The last one was Email Verification Add-on. All of them continue to operate. I’m happy that I found partners who are passioned enough not only for buying.

A few months ago my friend asked me to share my thoughts on how to sell a side project he launched last year. For a meeting I wrote down bullet points for each part of the process: how to evaluate a project, how to prepare it for selling, how to find potential buyers and choose the best one, a draft of the basic agreement, how to get money, how to transfer related assets, what to do next to help your partner.

After the meeting, I asked my Facebook audience if I should expand those bullet points into an article. The post got «initial traction» and a few more interesting questions to cover in the article. For example: «How to buy a side project».

«Initial traction» for the guide

That’s a lot of work to write such a guide. That’s why I decided to prove demand for it before I start. I’m launching a small crowdfunding campaign for $250. I will write the guide anyway but you can participate in the campaign to make it happen sooner. Thanks!

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